About prostitution

In most countries of the world has gone on the principle of the development of prostitution, “can not fight – to lead.” Prostitutes in Europe and Latin America are working officially with rare exceptions, they pay taxes, obtain licenses, pass examinations, physical examinations by the state. But brothels, as such, in the majority of countries do not have – and France and Italy after the Second World closed brothels. So did many other countries, except Germany and the Netherlands – are preserved in the brothels of Europe.
Against the act of prostitution Asian countries, North America and the former Soviet Union. Contrary to stereotypes about them, the geisha in Japan, as it were prostitutes are not, and not a loser got in the face, trying to have sex with them. The main occupation of a Geisha – is to sing and dance, and its name means “man of art” (geisha can open your legs, but only if she wants).
In Japan, high-class brothels, which, as it were, and not “brothels” and their women as if “not prostitutes,” but they will not let a stranger in the street, went to some nearby restaurant easier.
In Thailand, these conventions have long beat, relax and get pleasure from sex tourism. And the chance of running into a transsexual – is big enough, it’s not a legend, but the harsh reality.
The most interesting thing prostitution is presented in the countries of the Islamic world: there are married prostitute temporarily for the client, and after meeting bred (betrothal and divorce process takes less than 1 minute). As they say, if all the formalities of marriage and divorce are met, this how-to is not a sin, everything is OK in terms of religion.
In Israel, everything is much easier. Prostitution is illegal, but there are enough to find on the internet escort girls phone number and call her to him, or to visit the appropriate massage.