Clients of prostitutes

The typical consumer services.
Clients of prostitutes are usually men. What ideologically incorrect. After all, this woman should pay for sex. The world is so unfair …
Tourists and travelers in a strange exotic country, because of its resorts can be removed and a normal girl on vacation all the time. But somewhere in South Africa or the Philippines is better to order a professional slut, or a more expensive.
I must say, there are some countries (such as Thailand), where people go specifically for sexual treats. There are cheap whore, but you can run into some transvestite. True, those who return, they say – that did not even notice the difference. Although it is not the worst. There were times when rested tourists bring home such infection, the doctors shook their heads and sent for treatment where picked up.
Married men
This is 95% of all walkers. The story is banal: the wife of an old, thick and long ago is not the same, and I want fresh meat. But since you do not want to raise a fat ass off the couch and change their lives, as well as the lives of his wife and children for the better to destroy the family and to procreate without fathers because of some ties with the blunt side by a pussy … The prostitute never be send to you at 3am incriminating SMS like “I lie at home all wet and miss” or “darling, I’m in a nightclub and took me nobody, subway closed, I’ll come after me pozyazya”. It will not come all at once to your house and do not want a scandal on “you bastard has not called me 3 months, selfish, I’ll no longer need?”.
In addition, the prostitute is much more profitable to blunt mistress. Whore you pay a fixed price, with much less than what you would have spent on his mistress, leading her to restaurants, resorts and fumbling on buying her any gifts.
Prostitute you can send at any time, she did not call your wife with a story about your sexual adventures. She does not know her phone. She does not even know your name. It’s so cool – to have sex, as Anonymous.
Botanists and freaks in the period when the sperm hits them in the head
Based on the law of normal distribution of 95% of people are biologically normal. The remaining 5% are any deviations. These deviations can be either in the direction of improvement, and the downside species. Thus, 2.5% of people are left out of the evolution. 2.5% – it’s not so little. Evolution has no pity, it is naturally pushed them from the breeding process. Naturally, these individuals can not possibly attract a biological female. But it would be desirable to fuck, sperm continue to produce and requires going outside. And then come to the aid of a prostitute.
I must say that the prostitutes themselves are not particularly want to sleep with such beings, and try by all means to refuse sex. Ideally – to get money and to cheat.
Fans diversify sex with all sorts of non-traditional forms of deviancy. For example, golden rain, coprophilia, fisting, of BDSM, and so on. D. Find a partner with similar disabilities is practically impossible due to the banal shortage of female geeks (still fetishism usually begins in males). Tell a friend / wife – it is impossible: to go for treatment to the city bolnichku. That’s looking for, the poor man, in the light of such a partner. Some prostitutes practiced perversion for additional profit. I must say that they are 3-4 times more expensive than ordinary whores, perverts but they – like the last hope, a bright light at the end of the dark tunnel of despair.
Visitor people
Major officials, who do not want publicity their erotic adventures. Since they can be filed away in a folder with compromising or (not Gd forbid) learns about them yellow press. Some of them like, for example, when 13-year-old boys end up in their mouths. It’s just exactly what you do not want to read from the morning papers. These people come for the night in another city, where bought a sauna and girls from different brothels at full conspiracy. At the same time, during sex next to armed guards on duty.