Invite an escort girl

Do not pay more than an hour. This is enough for sex. Do not settle for proposals “renew” and so on. Fuck girl as soon as she arrived – the time comes. Be assured: you will try to unleash the extra cost, asking to drink alcohol or sex starting at the last moment. The best way – to order an escort girl for the night, but it is unlikely to be recommended to the general public.
Be sure to use a condom, although it is still not 100% save from diseases such as syphilis, hepatitis. Fortunately, most of them can be determined visually so – be careful. Do not forget to wash after sex antiseptic member. If a girl offers sex without a condom (even blow job), to send it away – it is likely that she was scratched from any contagion.
99% of all photos posted on the Internet – fakie (except our site). Even if there is print “Checked”. You can record a 6-7 telephones offices and escort them to travel, while you will not find a suitable alternative. Then you can visit or call the girls just out of it – Escort girls changed about once a month, but the quality remains the same. That is, new prostitutes will be approximately the same as the old.
Ask for showmanship, ie see figure without clothes. If you show a girl in the dark, or at the request they bare chest, or wearing very loose clothing – and then you look there is nothing. Who decides whether you need such prostitutes. Terms depend mainly on the specific office escort, but contrary to popular belief, you can (and should) see before pay. Similarly, through the Internet: no pictures and recommendations – no conversation. In a marked difference between the photo and the reality – give up the girl. Dot. Otherwise, you goof, and you breed – their professional duty and responsibility.
If you have more than one person (the company), you can call in order to save only one girl, and agree with her – to serve all. Usually it is sufficient to pay a certain amount, and the question is solved positively.
Do not induce prostitutes “blind” (without photos) – on the phone. You will send the most stale and unclaimed goods, which they can only be. Come to the brothel itself, choose someone and take me to his home.
Never use online services such as “Intimacy card” and other geo-locations. The idea of such sites is doomed to failure at the stage of emergence. Everyone understands that this business is not entirely legitimate, and customers are not quite adequate, and place on a map of the actual place of work the girls no one will be: for security reasons. As a result, you can be in a situation where the public house is not located on this street, and even not in the area and the current address at all is already at the other end of the city. Moreover, when you’ve come to the address, you are bound to be looking at the camera in or out of the window there not with you company cronies with bats, and do you have (at least theoretically) the money.
All the same if you decided to visit a brothel – remember, it is recommended to come in the evening hours to 8. If you arrive earlier, will work on the strength of the available half of girls (and you thought they, too, your work schedule?), And not the best of their half. If you come much later – is not better: in 23-24 hours pulls the main stream of customers in the establishment begins crush. And you still only boobs are not standing in line – do you want it?
Usually the choice of a public house is from 8 to 20 girls, of whom work at the same time from 4 to 15, depending on the day of the week and the popularity of the institution. The range of escort girls everywhere different, but normally consists of: black woman, asian, lush girls aged couple, two or three glamorous girls and Lolita one (or more precisely, looking younger as possible). In public buildings there are also more expensive, at least one woman, about whom in life never say that she is a prostitute (disguised under a “normal girl in the street”). And – the highest grade: for three times the price (and even higher), a girl of 25 with a doll face, wasp waist and chest size 5. The choice is yours!
If you need a prostitute on request (well, there service is very specific, principled appearance, or are you going to shoot homemade porn for memory, being ugly dwarf with a 28-centimeter member on which any horse dies), public houses do not suit: they likely or denied a specific service, or you try to foist the most unclaimed girls or creases such prices that even a Rockefeller would have had a nervous asphyxia. Sites – individualok forums, groups, social networks and so on – to help you.
UPI another SIM card for your phone. Do not even think to call prostitutes to his personal and even more from your home phone. Whores and their pimps have mastered the Internet and created several databases of their customers, which they check the phone numbers of callers, as well as the number of cars and the number of apartments where they are invited to leave. The meaning of “anonymity” for many people in this business in the past. His benefit prostitutes realized quickly. The move can go and blackmail and threats. And the women’s forums were filled with ads like “Buy access to the secret base and find out if your husband goes to prostitutes.” Unfortunately no one has thought to create the same database by prostitutes, it would be very easy to do because of their specificity. Photo escort girls in questionnaires on many sites (except ours) astonishingly coincide with photos of pretty girls on the social networks. Have a good choice and a good rest!