Pretty girls

This article is written mainly for men. If you are a woman – immediately stop reading and go back to the kitchen. But think about it for a minute, because you can itself become a prostitute. Prostitution – a bright new acquaintances and daily sexual adventures. Qualified confused in Israel earns an average of 50 thousand shekels a month, and you, loser, exist for pennies a fuckin ‘office, increasing cellulite kilograms and meters hemorrhoids. When the juvenile girls ride on Porsche with champagne, dine at the best restaurants, and every weekend, flying to Thailand and Goa (and sometimes still live there), you do not have enough money to buy new shoes and decent clothes, not to mention the opportunity to choose and find himself prince (just like in “Pretty Woman” with Richard Gere). Maybe, well, to hell with it, this morality? Think!
Decided? Then yet to finish reading this article until the end, to learn about the intricacies of the profession. If you then do not change your mind, the new profession is waiting for you!
Perhaps you expect that there will be a lengthy argument about the long history of prostitution. SUDDENLY there!
It is clear that prostitution is – this is a serious business. There is the media stereotype that slut goes to work the young girl, come in large numbers from the provinces or other countries, not to go to college and not able to find a good job. Maybe there is 1% of the truth. But in most cases in this business part time university students who want to live well, and earn with a head that is used for its intended purpose, it is impossible because of laziness and emptiness of the head thereof. During the day it is an exemplary pupil, sitting on all the lectures and writes summary. And in the evening turns into a spectacular prostitute. More specifically come to Israel to work on the panel.
In any group of prostitutes have a foreman who called pimp. This is not a black man with gold teeth in a fur coat and with 5 rings on each finger (as shown in American movies) and 40-50 year old man or woman. They are seeking new clients and hired girls. Also, keep order and deal with monetary issues. In the case of a cover office pimp bears full criminal responsibility for keeping a brothel. It is the only person in the entire chain, actually sitting at all. Therefore, normal people do not go to work – who wants to be a fool? There are those who are of the age of works out (and it is for obvious reasons a short-lived) and work someone has not learned. Get out of your own business can not pimp – he has too much information.
The business owner – this is usually a solid and powerful man. Assign it to the organization of brothels is almost impossible – the system worked for years. This man has serious connections in the police and in the criminal world, which he regularly add butter, and even includes a share.