about prostitution

About prostitutes from different countries

An interesting piece detailing precisely the “Women represent the world’s oldest profession” in all the earth. Later called and find out where and how the activity of prostitutes in different countries.
Italian prostitutes usually young and really cute. A large number, what men gladly accept. Do not hide from people and are not afraid of the light and cars, are active at night. Italian prostitutes are pretty nice creatures.
About French prostitutes are glowing, multi-national and funny. You can usually find them in nightclubs, discos and bars. About their physical appearance, you can not say something good. Probably this is why they are typically in subdued light.
British prostitutes do not like noisy places with lots of people prefer a relaxed lifestyle. Are really not beautiful, even ugly-looking men. Many may have been affected by the weather conditions are non-simple.
ARGENTINE prostitutes really strange, sometimes appears suspicion regarding their gender. However, they were always kind and always smiling.
Czech Republic – ugly bitches, and for some reason when you look at them, comes to mind are drugged.
African slut really terrible, there is nothing to expect from her body, just miserable. Typically, it has a whole collection of sexually transmitted diseases. It could choose only those chasing “cheap goods”.
Austrian prostitutes quite nice and cute, but look “blurry”.
Canadian prostitutes sad, miserable and tired of life. They live mainly in the streets and are not afraid of the daylight. Apparently they do not care what people think of them not nor society in general.
Venezuelan prostitutes, according to their appearance, more suitable for hard work in the fields and playgrounds. Creates a feeling as if they are clones.
Population is the biggest brothel in the Netherlands. They live in designated areas only, and are under state protection. Completely satisfied with their lives, and not leave their places of living to a ripe old age. Because in space permanently closed, gradually develop a fear of open spaces.
American prostitutes great body. Rarely are active in groups, and generally prefer to be apart. Often, these “facts” in industrial zones or industrial construction areas. It is not clear why they have it.
Korean prostitutes are usually caged nice and warm, but not afraid streets.
Polish prostitutes is very similar to Russian.
Spanish ubiquitous, are very shapely, independent and active throughout the day. Not notice pedestrians.
We do not have much information about prostitutes in Vietnam, but they’re worth checking consider the little information we have.
Japanese prostitutes belong to rare species, exotic and special. Are unusual and interesting as any other Japanese things. Look doll-like. Indian prostitutes pretty full body. Besides, these girls always look dirty and “contaminated”. Are very careful about wearing national dress. Thai prostitutes cheerful and ambitious. If you take them to the bar ever, there will be loyalty forever. More, their services are very cheap too.