Whore / slut / whore
Located in this article information is fundamentally no one checked, and is likely to be added here solely for information.
Whore / slut / prostitute / whore / slut / bulb / Courtesan / etc. -.. All of these words are used to insult women. However, very often the youth raised the issue of the legality of the use of each of these particular words. On the one hand, all the words are equivalent, on the other hand, each of which bears its own specific color. Therefore, we consider the specifics of basic semantic concepts and history of the emergence of general misconceptions: Graduate Statistical woman puts its main task the subordination of life itself of man, his wallet, and other resources available to it, that, accordingly, is the motive of her behavior. Strategies are many, but the best of them – Snatch! This is the main tool and it does not need to pump. At the same time, we note that his penis men naively believe the main argument in the matter of sexual intercourse, which is an epic delusion, because women often interested member only as an object of male exterior. Realizing that it is time to clean up resources peasant, a female floats her vagina. When the number of men in no way limited to, a woman called the whore, and this action is called floss until its public legalization, in one form or another, one of the men.
Having public legalization, called marriage (cohabitation, by the way, is called more and the actual marriage), the female begins to feel sad. The main reason is the fact that usually the male is a conquered only similarity it ideal as stingy, boring and weak on the issue of meeting a great girl’s dream. Since then, the woman begins to comparative analysis, and targeted attacks over the coveted goal of having a higher rank than its previous production. The leitmotif is the desire for romance, which explains the fact that the hunt is now talking for a single purpose, although the true goal – to capture all the same resources. Historically noteworthy those girls who do not replace the task leitmotif and hunt for high-ranking males in order to reallocate resources in favor of your partner, showing everyone that her original choice was correct. The result: a woman in a marriage or similar relationship with a man engaged in whoring with another partner, called a whore (ie going from member to member).
Pragmatic women in the struggle for resources is inherent in all of them, regardless of the position, which leads to a simple idea in achieving objectives – can be sex without training. That is simply to pass the vagina for rent money. This activity is called prostitution, and the girl herself – a prostitute.
Universal controversy on the Internet forums that in some particular place at any particular company decided to use the described terms and definitions differently than described above, due to several reasons:
Firstly, it is a youth and, accordingly, her life ignorance and inexperience of the disputants;
Secondly, it is a stupid belief that the internet is the perfect source of knowledge, and they are not embarrassed by the fact that in it on any topic you can find conflicting interpretations of the same phenomenon, because “millions of people can not be wrong!”.
Third, not only they are responsible for this confusion, since then it was not without the media and such a source of culture as a movie. The fact is that although all these words offensive purpose, of which only the word refers to the damn rude, which consequently makes it not upotrebimo in TV and movies. Therefore, if the media is removed the word damn, that in his films is replaced by the word whore. Several sad movies in which to pronounce the word, filmed exclusively for the voice and the words FUCK, according to the director, who has removed a film should be a sign of the presence of his rich inner world and breadth of creative talents.
There are also such …
Most others are stupid whores heifers and glamorous Kitties.
“I’m not a whore” and a lack of sex – the result of a brain feminism when male level “beta” and below just do not want to wrestle with finding the approach and they are heading for a more accessible target.
As for marriage – 9 out of 10 men marry women who are to have sex with others. That is the modern men’s community actually shows tolerance to premarital floss their friends lives, secretly suffers from this and the complex, heroically hide the fact of his marriage to the former whore, but it still does not accept women adultery within marriage.
Whores and Islam
And everything is much different. Precedents exist, for example, Turkish folk proverb says: «Kızı gönlüne bırakırsan ya davulcuya kaçar ya zurnacıya» – «Give freedom to a girl – she escapes with a drummer or zurnistom”.
So there is also a whore. But they are less than a percentage. The reason for this – especially their life: a strict upbringing in accordance with the Shariah, a life of poverty, in a family but you still five people (or even more) brothers and sisters, the hard work around the house and on the work itself, oppression husband adult life. If we talk about the Muslims of the former USSR, the realities of their existence is also not encouraging. Or life in Russia, where they live in apartments for five persons in the room, get 15-20 thousand (or even less), of which a large part are sent home, spending on beds and the mercy of the police if caught without papers, eating hit or miss, work on heavy physical work in the morning until 10 pm, often seven days a week. Many Whether the girls in this situation will desire, time and effort blyadstvovat? In addition, Oriental whore – much more than European. They carefully hide their festivals (let alone cunning and ability to lie to them not to take our girls can not compare with them), look docile and disciplined. If there is a walk in the marriage and the husband finds out – usually get a punishment that will remember for a lifetime, or once a divorce. Therefore, in such a venture oochen few, usually walk only when my husband in another city or country.
And if you take the orthodox Muslim countries, there are for such neillyuzorno stoned to death. In Arabia, for example, prostitution is legally punishable by death. Therefore, in the oil-rich Islamic countries floss even more rare. So that