Varieties of prostitutes

VIP escort
Specially trained …
Luxurious part of that business. Also called the VIP-escort or escort services. Find can be in any real modeling agency. Most of the girls-models and sex is not even required. Her work – to accompany the customer on any presentation or when traveling to the resort. The customer often takes the model only to boast, because an oligarch companion for them the same status of the element, like a clock or clothing.
The cost model – from $ 1000 per output. The average price of 1500-2000. From the model requires good manners and ability to communicate in a secular society, the ability to maintain a conversation, to understand the elite alcoholic drinks and meals. And, of course, excellent external data. Here there is a very severe struggle for a place under the sun. Surged on extra kilogram – free. I flew – free. And who said it would be easy?
The hotel hooker
It works in the hotel, mostly with tourists. Usually has a higher education and is able to communicate on the desired topic in several languages. The aim of the hotel prostitutes – to promote a customer on a good dinner in a restaurant located in the same hotel. For this business owners usually give her a good commission. The hotel prostitution – the most profitable type of business. The cost of a session of sex with a girl – from 200 to 500 dollars, despite the fact that the hotel often prostitutes to their external data are not worth the money.
Worker brothel
You do want them agree.
This includes all sorts of masseuses, “a stripper blowjob” and sex workers salons. The bulk of the work in the rented apartments (the so-called public houses, brothels, home hospitality contract, brothels, massage parlors, and a dozen lesser-known terms). hourly job. Prepared from $ 50 per client. Customers pay between 100 and 150 per hour (sometimes more) – depending on the external data girls, the situation in the room and (not always) their appearance, plus extra money for what is not included in the standard set. In the brothel, there is usually a manager (or administrator), through which passes all the money. But she may earn taking additional coin for the service and without telling the administrator.
Typically institution selected women with similar external data. A pronounced difference will only work one or two, and the rest will not be in demand. So if you want to get in a good restaurant, you need to know the place. Ask around local taxi drivers – something they know exactly.
Prostitutes on the Internet
Almost all of the girls on the Internet ads and free magazines published institutions owners. Such office under police protection and bandits, who have a considerable profit from them. These institutions – the safest place for sex. Very low probability of catching an unpleasant venereal gift, because all the girls are regularly tested. There is a rule – sex only with a condom. Sometimes it comes to extremes – the prostitutes do not touch his hand to the customer without a member of rubber, as well as the client to climb to her hands. Failure to comply with the rules of the prostitute is punishable by fines, and the client is thrown out on the street without a refund. Probability of sudden police arrived in the middle of a blowjob stacked face into the floor, and an exciting night in the nearest police station – is minimal.
Sauna option
In fact, the previous subspecies, spread across the country. The system works as in the previous cases, the only girls to provide services in the sauna. They live normally in walking distance. In contrast to the brothel, when the police check, under the distribution gets administrator, having taken money from the client, for onward transmission to a pimp (net of its interest).
Sometimes it works only on the client home. Usually combined into groups of 3-4 girls and rent an apartment, where they live and work. Work as long as they do not know about any brothel owner. After that check is arranged with the participation of the police or the lads, as a result of which the girls invited to go “under the roof” or go outside.
Independents are suitable for those who want something new and straight from the tin. It usually begins a prostitute, not yet plowed customer flow. From it you can even expect sincerity, especially if you will like it. It can take your phone number and make a call with a proposal to meet. However, you can pick up from it any surprise, since the protected and think it still has not learned.
There is one more nuance. If the salon you mainly communicate with the administrator, here – with the girl. And send it out you’ll have to face. Sometimes they strongly resent such treatment, and start doing stupid things. You can use it to set the mood.
Also keep in mind that, although formally no one individual covers, do not beat her, rape, as well as arrange a BDSM-harm. I do not pay it – you can try to escape, but do not be surprised if the husband (rank) is sitting in the next room, who tactfully ask about where the money for the girl. It is possible that the first warning sound polite. Wait for the second is not recommended.
In smart individualok usually have a circle of regular customers. You can ask the Internet at local forums walkers. Especially known for those who practice all kinds of perversions, such as the writings in the client’s mouth or anal fisting. This will teach you a lot prostitute – that you will remember in 30 years.
Prostitute freelance
Subspecies and salons. Generally not a prostitute in “modern” sense of the word, because they do not have any profiles on niche sites, or client base, no pimp, no roof, nor even any serious approach to work (most often it is only a part, and on the main work she accountant or manager). Circulated primarily in the Center. Negotiate with a client on a “like-dislike”, will send when you try to force her to do anything, what to do nehochetsya or just unpleasant.
As you can guess, it is much cheaper than conventional prostitutes (because they do not pay protection and owner), and for this reason is very picky (in which case, no one to call for help), so that the customer is chosen carefully. The agreement on the meeting often takes place via the Internet, social networking and dating sites, while the “real” professionals agree on the phone. Of the benefits – a living relationship, and there is no paranoia about condoms. Of the minuses – it Wishlist have to endure the same way as if it had a girl, well, very much depends on the appearance and manners of the customer: from candid cattle, a drug addict or a youngster no chance of “sex at home.”
Among other things, this is the category most often throws the client, or the client throws it, so do not be surprised that for the money you will have to prove that you are not a camel. And the risk that at the last moment she changes her mind banal – sick cat, the dog ate your phone, a new client came with a better offer, or previous still was a maniac.
Erotic masseuses
It is not a masseuse, but still not a whore, as if it takes, it is only in the mouth. And that’s not all. Prostitutes do not consider themselves, because the percentage of beautiful appearance significantly higher average public house: here can even run your fellow student and a young single mother who lives in the apartment next door.
Typically, the process looks like a half an hour of classic massage + half hour erotic – in the form of friction on bare thee, and directly petting pens – with one end. But there is also a bunch of variations: erotic hour, half an hour of erotic massage in two bodies, light version, version of BDSM and so-forth.
These things can be recommended as a pastime seasoned walkers to brothels for new sensations and virgin. In particular – virgins; willing to part with this nickname. First sex, like any other first event in life, always stressful. A combine their cockroaches are not withdrawn, the first trip to the brothel and the first sex very, very not comme il faut. And waiting Fier feelings of “dialogue” with a prostitute in a brothel, it is possible to obtain heavy template break for a couple of months, because of a mismatch of expectations and the harsh reality: the prelude in the form of a blow job here is the same as the mechanical and the subsequent sex – is work. In contrast to the massage parlor, where the process is most approximate to the reality – a long sensual foreplay is replaced by the direct influence of the rich and emotional finale. A stress “the first time” is greatly reduced as the expectations – because sex itself is not so and the atmosphere, and by the action of the attitude that is also important.